QMotion hope to create wireless controller for Xbox 360



QMotion recently announced that it will be working on a new wireless skateboard-style controller that will be used in Xbox 360 games in the near future. What do you have to say to that? I personally think this is a positive development in the right direction, but the big question is this – will it sell? Even if the answer is in the affirmative, will it sell well at all? After all, QMotion has to recoup the research and development costs in addition to marketing it across worldwide. Hopefully there will be some sort of skateboard game that will be released on the Xbox 360 console which will see sales figures of this wireless controller take off – after all, title-specific hardware rarely sells well unless it is bundled along with the game itself (like Mario Kari Wii’s steering wheel) or is a pre-requisite with a whole lot of followers (Guitar Hero and Rock Band franchises).

This new wireless controller from QMotion is the result of the company having entered into an agreement with Microsoft themselves to produce such a controller for the latter’s console. Since it will be a fully endorsed product from Microsoft, that means this controller will feature a full range of movement options that could hopefully be used in other future games that do not involve the skateboarding genre. Dubbed the Big Air, this full-size skateboard controller will function with “popular skateboarding games” and ought to hit the streets sometime in the second half of this year. For those who want to have a better idea of what a skateboard-style controller feels like, check out QMotion’s wired Xboard which is already available in the market.

Guess gaming is getting even more casual than before, and should Microsoft’s foray into the lighter side of gaming be successful, I hope see the Xbox 360 pressure the Nintendo Wii in terms of sales, although the latter has already built up a formidable sales momentum worldwide. After all, it is the consumer who wins in the end with better choices, right?

Source: Digital Trends

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