9x Media Monitor System keeps growing in size and capability

by James

9x Media Monitor System keeps growing in size and capability

When the story first broke of 9x’s Media Monitor System, the pictures we saw were of an amazing fifteen monitor setup that could be used for gaming, simulators or just about any other application that requires a huge amount of video real estate. Well, as fast as you can say “Photoshop” the 9x Media system has grown to hold thirty monitors for sick amount of space. And it still makes you want it.

9×3 tilt

Coming with the choice either 19 inch or a stunning 32″ monitor size, the 9x Media rig can be configurable ready to go for any amount of monitor space the client needs from 2-30 lcd screens. And even though they are custom made and ready to go, the 9x system is expandable, meaning that as needs (let’s face it, we’re talking wants here) warrant, the real estate go up or down. The screens can also be rotated from landscape to portrait position. In addition, the 9x system includes customized Multi-screen servers, screensavers, and optional upgrades and software.

Hat Tip: Born Rich (where else?)

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