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IronKey has just announced the availability of its 8GB secure USB device to the masses. Just how secure it is, you ask? For starters, this is a rugged, waterproof and tamper-resistant USB flash drive that boasts always-on hardware encryption, strong authentication, portable applications and a zippy memory to make those file transfers but a snap. With cross platform capability and remote policy enforcement, it makes it easy to deploy rapidly in heterogeneous environments while retaining complete control. The 8GB model will see it join the 1GB, 2GB and 4GB counterparts that are already in the market, providing double the storage capacity of its previous high flier.

As with all other IronKey devices, this is but a snap to use since there is no need whatsoever to install drivers or software before you get it up and running. All users data within the IronKey is encrypted with high-speed military-grade hardware encryption. Providing always-on protection that cannot be disabled unlike software-based encryption, you will find yourself safe from the attempts of cold-boot and brute force attacks. Should a thief attempt to to break into an IronKey and exceeds a policy-determined number of failed login attempts, the IronKey Cryptochip will automatically lock out the encryption functions and securely erase all the encrypted data with its patent-pending Flash Trash technology.

IronKey won’t ship this USB flash drive empty handed as it will come pre-loaded with a suite of applications and services, ranging from a portable version of Firefox to IronKey Password Manager, RSA SecurID and a Secure Sessions service. Interested? While $299 might sound like a whole lot to pay for an 8GB USB flash drive, do take into consideration the amount of security this model offers. After all, better to lose a $299 USB flash drive that is nigh impossible to break into compared to having all your bank account information stored within made available to the thieving rascal, right?

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