iLogic Sound Hat Keeps The Tunes Thumping Through The Chill

by AndrewD

iLogic Sound Hat

Do I realize that the cold seasons have passed and that the heat of summer is just around the corner? Do I ever, and frankly I can’t wait! It’s understood that some of you out there are fall and winter lovers. That’s cool, I’m just not down with it. The cold seasons have that unforgiving side effect of shivering which is enough to warrant disdain from this chilly blogger.

Now that the steamy seasons of summer are quickly approaching, it’s time to start planning for the chill that will start moving in around September. One of the reasons I despise winter so much is the way that winter apparel is always in the way of me fulfilling my gadget duties. Wearing clunky gloves means I can’t text message properly. Wearing a hat to cover my ears means I can’t listen to my iPod without looking awkward or feeling uncomfortable. The iLogic Sound Hat allows for an ear warming and music listening synergy.

The iLogic Sound Hat allows you to plug your iPod or other portable media device directly into integrated speakers inside of the hat’s surface with a standard 3.5mm headphone port connected to a 98cm wire which is easily tucked away into the hat’s inner lining. The beanie itself has a fleecy feel on its interior, despite the hat’s composition of 100% polyester.

If you’re interested in grabbing the iLogic Sound Hat a few seasons early in preparation for the inevitable winter of 2008-2009, you can snatch up your own Sound Hat from I Want One Of Those for £14.99, which is about $27. A fair price for keeping your ears cozy and frostbite-free.

via Tech Digest

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