Brookstone Digital Photowatch

photowatch1.jpgBrookstone has one way for grandpa to carry his favorite family photos without bulking up his wallet like the Incredible Hulk, thanks to the Digital Photowatch.

It’s a simple, elegant, all-in-one solution! See your photos, see the time, or see both—the watch can superimpose the time over your pictures. Watch stores up to 60 pictures and displays them on a high-resolution LCD display. You can view one picture at a time, choose a slideshow, or adjust the contrast. Plug and play technology means no software necessary—just drag and drop photo files on your computer desktop to download. It’s easy to crop and edit pictures, too. Watch is USB rechargeable, with up to 8 hours viewing time per charge. Contoured stainless-steel case and black leather watch band.

The Brookstone Digital Photowatch can be picked up for $99.95.