Breitling creates a truly waterproof watch


Seawolf Chrono

When I was a kid I loved watches. For years I wanted one that was both waterproof and had a button which would light up the face. I found out later that there weren’t actually all that many situations where a waterproof watch came in handy for me, but it was still cool nonetheless. What I didn’t understand back then is that the watches weren’t really waterproof, because if you attempted to engage the chronograph, water would seep in. If you’re one that is concerned about such an issue, you’ll be happy to hear that watchmaker Breitling has solved this issue.

This Seawolf Chrono achieves true waterproof status by using strategically placed magnets where your button are. When you press one of the buttons, it will activate another magnet on the inside to create the desired response. This prevents water from ever being allowed inside the watch. I still don’t think that I’ll ever have much of a use for something this fancy, but perhaps some of you divers out there would enjoy it.

Source: CrunchGear

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