Tangled wires make cool lamps


Tangled Wire Lamps

I spent a few years of my life working as a networking technician, so I spent a good deal of time both running and re-organizing cabling. After working in such a position, I pride myself on my ability to keep the cabling in my house neat, organized and most importantly, untangled. However, designer Kwangho Lee has spent his days learning to tangle up wire.

I didn’t think that it took any real amount of time to learn how to tangle cables, but I guess if you want to make it actually look cool, you’re going to need plenty of practice. The result of his hard work are these interesting lighting fixtures.

These lamps started as an art project that sort of evolved on its own over time. I’d say that the end result is pretty cool. Your lighting would certainly be the focal point of your room should you hang one of these. Of course you’d have to find a way to get your hands one one, as they are all currently on exhibit in South Korea.

Source: GearFuse

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