Driver’s Ed for Nintendo DS

by Mark R

Driver’s Ed for Nintendo DS

Every kid wants to learn how to drive a car before he or she even goes to school, but Driver’s Education is any kid’s least favorite class. I never thought driving could be made so boring.

Fortunately, teenagers today can now learn Driver’s Education from this great game on the Nintendo DS called Drivers Ed Portable. Developed by DreamCatcher Games and JoWooD, it offers a “fun way for new drivers to study the material”.

This game features two modes: Test and Train. The Test mode has some sample tests from all 50 states for the written part of the driver’s license examination. It also has tests from 13 Canadian provinces and territories, as well as tests from other countries such as Spain, Italy, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom. As players take these tests, the game tracks a player’s progress so that he or she knows what areas are needed for improvement.

As for the train mode, they include some fun and educational mini-games. Those had better include some serious parallel parking and backing around a corner games, because those were my weak points.

Hopefully, they made this game fun. Maybe they can incorporate the gameplay into the latest Grand Theft Auto game. You can see for yourself when Drivers Ed Portable comes out in the Fall.


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