Crazy CD player is out of this world



When was the last time you found yourself in a store looking to purchase a new CD player? I’m not talking about one for your car, or even a portable one, but just a CD player for a room in your house. If you’re anything like me, it’s been a very long time. This is why companies that still make such devices are trying their hardest to make CD players more appealing to consumers. Take this strange CD-T300 Pro for example.

Shanling, the company responsible for creating this device specializes in making rather unique products. They stand apart both inside and out. It’s easy to see how the neon lights and interesting shapes are going to draw a few strange glances from visitors in your house, but that’s not what really sets this apart from the rest of the crowd.

The CD-T300 features four amplification valves which are supposed to offer some of the best sound quality around. How good is the sound quality? I can’t say for sure, but they seem to think its worth $12,000. I think I’ll just stick with my iPod dock.

Source: Crave

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