AT&T jumps onto the mobile TV bandwagon


lg-vu-mobiletv.jpgAT&T is nearly one year late to the game, having launched its mobile TV service this Sunday and playing catch up with bitter rival Verizon Wireless by offering broadcast TV services for those who are constantly on-the-go. Unfortunately, AT&T’s Mobile TV will be restricted to only a couple of clel phones, and high end ones at that. First off we have the touch screen maestro Vu from LG, while the other would be the Access from Samsung. The Vu and Access will retail for $399.99 and $299.99, respectively, although you can cut off $100 from that retail price with a mail-in rebate. Needless to say, picking up either would mean having you tie down yourself to a 2-year contract with AT&T.

This launch comes rather late since AT&T had already planned to roll out its Mobile TV service by the end of last year, and will make it available in 58 markets all across the United States. So far, pricing details had been revealed which is pretty much in line with Verizon’s service, so it will depend on the quality of service which AT&T provides that will see users switching camps or signing up. According to the press release :-

Mobile TV packages start at $13 per month for four channels: CBS Mobile, Fox Mobile, NBC 2Go and NBC News 2Go. Next is a $15-a-month deal for the “basic” package with more channels and $30 for the “plus” service, which includes unlimited TV watching and mobile Web browsing. AT&T’s pricing is close to Verizon’s, which offers a limited package for $13 per month, a eight-channel deal for $15 and a $25-a-month package that throws in unlimited air time, e-mail and basic video clips.

Is Mobile TV your thing? I’d personally wait for the 3G iPhone instead and skip Mobile TV, but that’s just my preference. What about you?

Source: PC World

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