Track your power usage with the Cost Controller Power Strip


Cost Controller

I know that I spend more on my electric bill every month than I probably should. But with as many computers as I have running in my house, it’s not really a surprise. I can easily pinpoint where the main power drains are coming from, however, some people prefer to know exactly how much power some of their larger equipment uses. Here’s a cool power strip that will tell you how much energy each individual device in an area uses.

The strip features a large LCD screen which will tell you in kilowatt-hours how much energy a device uses over an hour, day, week, month or year. You might be surprised at how much power some of your bigger gadgets used. Of course, like all gadgets that help you save energy, it’ll cost you. This Cost Controller Power Strip is going to set you back a cool $100.

Source: GearFuse

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