Sharp eliminates the wires from your HDTV


Wireless HDMI tuner

With so many different wireless technologies around today, there is still one place that way too many cords are found, and that’s behind your TV. For some people, they have multiple gaming consoles, home theater receivers, cable TV and more running back there. Well Sharp has finally stepped up to the plate and created a device for their high-end TVs that will eliminate all but your power cord.

The wireless standard that makes this possible is WHDI (Wireless High Definition Interface). This allows HDMI signals to be transmitted in full 1080p, so there is no loss of quality. All of your TV inputs are routed through the box you see above, and then transmitted to the TV without any extra work. The box itself can be positioned up to 100 feet away, allowing you to keep all of your home theater equipment safely tucked away somewhere out of the way.

Of course you’ll need to have deep pockets if you want to go wireless. The WHDI add-on is going to set you back around $800 extra on top of the already steep $4,000 price tag of the Sharp X-Series HDTV.

Source: Dvice

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