i-Bean Head Mounted Video System

by Mark R

i-Bean Head Mounted Video System

As far as I can tell, the head mounted video viewers haven’t exactly made a killing in the consumer electronics market yet. The myvu put itself on prominent display at CES Las Vegas this year, and you can read about that on our Sister Site. The Vuzix iWear VR920 was also on display at CES, and it looks somewhat promising.

This next candidate in this growing head mounted video market is the i-Bean. This one is different from the other two aforementioned products because it is not goggles, but an attachment for regular sunglasses or regular glasses. All you have to do is suction cup them onto your usual eyewear.

The i-Bean says that it produces an image that is equivalent to a 21 inch screen from a distance of one meter away. It even has a built in TV tuner, but I’m not sure that it will work when the big HDTV changeover occurs.

As for power, the i-Bean runs on AC power, but you can take it on the road with 3 AA batteries. Apparently, this device is smaller and lighter than most devices of its type, at only 10 grams.

This device certainly costs a whole lot at $385.00, at Mikimoto Beans, a site translated from the Japanese.


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