Batman MP3 Player

by Mark R

Batman MP3 Player

I can’t help but remember back to 1989, when the Tim Burton Batman film swept the box office. This prompted a whole slew of Batman-related products to hit the market, and consumers worldwide bought them en masse. Unfortunately, Batman merchandise completely tanked when they were re-released for Batman Returns.

It appears that this summer’s The Dark Knight, another Batman sequel, still has merchandizing potential. A company called Pop Gadget is putting out a slough of Batman products including Iron-on patches, 3D Magnet Heads, LCD Watches, and the Bat Logo MP3.

The Bat logo MP3 Player has 1GB worth of memory, which is enough for about 240 songs. All of this fits into a 7 centimeter housing shaped like the famous bat logo, and has a cool blue outline.

According to the site, the Bat logo MP3 player comes with “high quality bat suit hood ear shaped, ambient noise reduction, headset with 3 exchangeable size buds for perfect fit and comfort”. Does that mean that the headphones are shaped like Batman’s bat-ears? Okay, the MP3 Player shaped like a bat logo is cool, but a headset shaped like Batman’s ears is just plain geeky.

Hopefully, that isn’t the case. We’ll see in June or July of this year when the Bat logo MP3 Player is officially released. It should be about the same time as The Dark Knight movie, and should be at a price of $80.00.


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ryan Says: May 1, 2008 at 6:25 am

it looks cool…i might buy it…but i have to hear how it does in the music part

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