Turn your phone into a Bluetooth-based kiosk


pxt-probe.jpgZurado Systems has released software which turns Bluetooth-enabled Windows Mobile phones or PDAs to send or receive proximity-based information. What’s the big deal about this, you ask? For starters, retail, exhibitions, and store displays will be able to push out marketing information (some people prefer to refer to it as spam) to folks who walk by, but only if they keep their Bluetooth connection on all the time (I don’t as I prefer to prolong my handset’s battery life instead). This software can also be used for personal use, where Please Explain That (PXT) sends text, images, and audio over a range of approximately 30 feet.

Unfortunately, PXT is not compatible with HTML or web browsers, but since it functions like an HTTP server, it will be able to host text, graphics (in both JPG and GIF formats), and audio (in WAV format). The server software known as PXT Portal will be able to run on any Bluetooth-equipped Windows Mobile device, being ready at all times to send out information on request to client devices that come within range of its wireless connection. The compulsory client software, PXT Probe must also run on Windows Mobile-powered devices that have Bluetooth connectivity. This doesn’t limit a single device to being exclusively a server or client, but acts as both simultaneously – making it useful for testing purposes.

PXT Portal installations will be fixed in various public places such as in-store windows, museum diplays, or properties for sale, while PXT Probe users will be alerted to their presence by signs. The PXT Probe software is available as a free download, and can be used to “sniff” for PXT Portal servers whenever the user wishes. Hopefully the community of PXT Portal users will grow even more if this project were to take off successfully.

Source: Windows for Devices

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