Traveler-ER USB flash drive

traveler-er.jpgTraveler-ER, Inc. has rolled out an easy-to-use, progressive solution where storing your personal, medical and emergency contact information is made easy, thanks to the Traveler-ER USB flash drive. It isn’t meant for casual users though, designed with input from emergency medical and travel professionals in order to come up with an easy method to store and ferry vital records with you just about everywhere you go. All the personal information within is stored only on the password protected USB drive and not on any central database, which means you can be sure Traveler-ER Inc. won’t have any sensitive information on you.

Well I guess this is definitely a much more advanced method of carrying around vital information, especially during medical emergencies where the emergency personnel don’t have to go through your wallet and plethora of cards just to know what blood type are you.

The Traveler-ER device helps answer one of the “What ifs” that affect your peace of mind while traveling: What if I have a medical emergency away from home? What if my travel companion doesn’t know anything about my medical history or can’t remember specific information at a critical moment? What if I am traveling alone on a business trip and have a medical emergency? Traveler-ER gives travelers the peace of mind that their medical and emergency contact information is with them, wherever they are.

Some of the information which the $29.95 Traveler-ER USB flash drive allows you to store:

  • Personal Information (Name, address, identifying characteristics and a digital photo)
  • Medical History (current conditions, medications, allergies, immunizations, surgeries)
  • Physician contact information for your primary care physician and/or specialist(s)
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Health Insurance Information
  • Family Medical History
  • Travel History Information (This may help diagnose an exotic illness contracted while traveling to remote locations)

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