LG Secret, a mobile with Wii like control


LG Secret Screen

Last week LG announced the latest phone in their Black Label range, the LG Secret. I was fortunate to be invited to the bloggers press event to hear about the phone and get my hands on one to take home.

There were 2 features of the Secret that really stood out to me, it’s hard, it’s incorporates carbon fiber and tempered glass to protect it from the elements. You can actually smack the screen with your keys without it breaking or even scratching.

Like the Apple iPhone it has a built-in motion detector so the screen automatically rotates depending on orientation and it has a fun element by being used in some of the supplied games. The phone acts a bit like a Wii controller, where you have to flick it to smack a baseball or tilt to navigate a maze. The games are very simple (both graphically and playability wise) but it’s hopefully a sign of exciting things to come.
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