Izona Automates Your Kitchen For The Future

by AndrewD

iZone Hob TopThink about how much time we spend in the kitchen. While eating three meals a day at home nowadays is definitely not the norm, a tremendous amount of time is still spent in your homes eatery. It could even be called the heart of the home (and you can imagine which organ the bathroom is.)

But despite so much time spent in one area, there have been relatively few technological changes made to the kitchen in the last 50 years or so. The Izona kitchen line from Fisher & Paykel plan on revolutionizing the kitchen with their new VentSurface, CookSurface, and CoolDrawer products.

iZOna Vent
The VentSurface system acts as an automated steam sensor. Using a series of unique and intelligent sensors, the VentSurface features six powerful fan speeds which can adjust to just about any cooking vapor, focusing on eliminating smoke, steam, and lingering odors.

The CookSurface element offers an upgrade to the actual cooking process. Featuring a new gas-heated technology and enhanced flame control, the ceramic CookSurface is easy to clean, offers a more varied means of cooking, and an intuitive heating system which integrates autonomous and intelligent heat control.
The Izona CoolDrawer is your all-in-one resource for food storage. Offering five different storage options (Freezer, Chill, Fridge, Pantry or Wine) at the touch of a button. The transparent container units offer optimal temperature options for a wide selection of cargo. Meant as a companion for the fridge, the CoolDrawer might just become your preferred choice of food storage.

Fisher & Paykel via Appliancist

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