Virtual Console USB Duplicator: 60 Ways To Go To Jail For Pirating

by AndrewD

Virtual Console USB Duplicator
The music industry has evolved into a Xerox machine, of sorts. A copy upon a copy upon yet more copies. We’re waiting for the point where the major music labels throw up their hands in confusion and admit to their defeat. Because you know that’s what is happening. The music companies have already lost as an industry. It’s just a matter of discovering a way to cut their losses and work out a deal with the people behind the copies.

If we’re heavily invested in the music industry, we’d be turning to companies that make products such as this Virtual Console USB Duplicator. Capable of duplicating 60 1GB USB flash drives in under two minutes, the Virtual Console is the music industry’s worst nightmare. This easily allows the average home music pirate to create a 1GB music sampling for 60 of their closest friends. Take into account that their friends could very well be making copies themselves, and musicians have a real problem on their hands.

But duplication isn’t the only feature which will strike a gleeful chord with the pirating community. The Virtual Console also adds 128-bit AES encryption into the mix, with a Smart Duplication feature which transfers single files, rather than a simple binary copy of the flash drive source files. But pirating at this level doesn’t come cheap. A $7,999 price tag ensures that only the heavy rollers get their hands on this beauty.

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