SIM Recovery Pro – Very useful, for a price

SIM Recovery Pro

Almost everyone has a cell phone these days. Be you 8 or 80, it seems like you need to carry a phone about as much as you need to breathe. With that many phones around, there are plenty of gadgets meant to help manage and take care of the data stored on them. This little device seems rather useful because it has a couple of much-needed functions that almost anyone can use.

When you change phones, the first thing you do (with most carriers) is pop out the SIM card and put it into your new device. Unfortunately sometimes your data doesn’t always want to show up properly in your new phone. This little gadget plugs into a USB port on your computer and will allow you to insert your SIM card and backup all of your data. Not only that, but it can also retrieve deleted SMS and address book entries. If you want to make sure that your kids can only call certain numbers, this is the thing to use as well. Just tell it which numbers it can call and you’re done.

The SIM Recovery Pro sounds really useful, however, there is one major drawback. You’re going to have to shell out over $100 to get your hands on one. Most people don’t even pay that much for their phone, let alone an accessory for one.

Source: RedFerret