PC makers want to extend XP’s life


ms.jpgIt goes to say a whole lot when even PC makers themselves want to extend Microsoft Windows XP’s shelf life beyond what the software giant themselves want. Currently, the deadline stands at June 30 where PC makers can no longer sell PCs with Windows XP after that date, and it is interesting to see some of the different PC makers take a creative approach to this apparent dilemma. Both HP and Dell plan to offer machines running on Windows XP way after June, taking advantage of the “downgrade rights” offered as part of the Windows Vista license agreement. Pretty interesting, as these computers are actually Vista Business or Vista Ultimate machines which have been factory downgraded to XP at the customer’s request. That’s the theoretical part, and we all know that rarely anything happens according to theory. Chances are these are XP machines that come with an already paid-for upgrade to Vista assuming the customer chooses to do so.

HP has given the final date where it will stop selling “pre-downgraded” desktops, notebooks, and workstations to its business customers – that is, until July 30, 2009. Dell, on the other hand, is trying to pitch a similar option on its online site while promising potential customers that its models will hang around long after Dell stops taking standard XP orders on June 18. Various other computer makers have yet to decide on a strategy, but they have expressed interest in selling Windows XP beyond Microsoft’s myopic June 30 date.

I don’t get it – why can’t Microsoft do the right thing and just extend the deadline? Windows XP is one of the most stable Windows builds ever, and with all the relevant service packs, it is one formidable operating system. There are tons of detractors for Windows Vista, so it is surprising to hear Microsoft saying that “customers and computer makers aren’t demanding a longer life for XP”. What a bunch of bollocks.

Source: News.com

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