Get the most out of your tube of toothpaste

Squeezeit Squeezer

I’ve always thought that toothpaste tubes were poorly designed. Try as you might, you’ll never get all of that stupid gel out of there. Crest had a design about 10 years ago that actually seemed to work rather well, it basically had a bag of toothpaste inside of a plastic pump. I don’t think I’ve seen those in some time though. If you’re really dead-set on getting every last bit of goo out of your toothpaste tube, then you might try out the Squeezit Squeezer (I bet you’ll never guess what it does).

This little guy basically works by putting pressure above and below the tube. Just pull one end through when it’s getting low, and you’re good to go. I’m probably too lazy to bother with something like this, I’ll just keep on thinking that I can squeeze a few more uses out of ever tube until I get frustrated and throw it away. Don’t worry about sinking too much cash into this, it’ll only set you back $6.

Source: Dvice

3 thoughts on “Get the most out of your tube of toothpaste”

  1. Here in the UK we’ve had those plastic tube designs for ages, and they are in common use. They are slightly more expensive than the tubes, but they not only are easier to use, and allow you to get all the stuff out, but they are also cleaner and you don’t get “crusty end” syndrome!

  2. Yeah, who likes the “crusty end” syndrome shit? F$%!tube paste, they should be eliminated and extint like the Polaroid camara- sorry unfocusing piece of shitty camaras ever invited. So glad they finally realized they suck and digital is so much easier and you take hundreds of pics where Polaroid, once you take the shot, there goes another $2 hahahaha! Yeah, that technology was really going places huh?

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