RolerBall for summer fun


rolerball.jpgFancy getting an adrenaline rush? Why not check out the RolerBall – do make sure you take the necessary precautions beforehand though.

Once inflated this behemoth stands about three metres high, and is rather like a spherical cushioned igloo. The idea, which sounds insane, is to put it at the top of a slope (we suggest a very gentle one with a long unobstructed run-off), strap yourself in, and then roll down the hill trying not to lose your lunch. Inside the centre shell are two harnesses, so you could have two people feeling the adrenalin rush, and probably the queasiness, together. There is a version of this mad sport that requires you to remove the harnesses, add a bucket or two of water, tie in the seal (which comes with the ball and straps into the opening), and launch yourself off. Not in a month of Sundays would we do that, but there you go. The ball is made from a very tough material, and comes with a puncture repair kit, but nevertheless you want to be sure you’re using it in a clear area – and ONLY EVER on private land, and with supervision.

You can pick up the RolerBall for a massive £999 from

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Rolerball Says: June 17, 2008 at 6:55 am

One cool idea and an amazing experience you can have over and over especially over the coming summer months! I do wonder how many will buy a rollerball to go zorbing though!

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