Pacemaker Portable DJ System

Pacemaker Portable DJ System

For those of you who want to DJ, but cannot afford two turntables and a microphone, there is a digital handheld alternative: the Pacemaker.

I’m not talking about some internal electric monitor, but the Pacemaker Portable DJ System, which allows for “an extensive range of professional audio manipulation [which] features…limitless mixing between two independent channels”. In short, you can mix, play, and perform anywhere you want, and your mixed tunes will be saved to the 120 hard drive.

The Pacemaker is compatible with all types of digital music formats, and also features “dynamic beat detection, cue, crossfade and reverse, pitch change as well as bend, loop, effects, and EQ”. I’m not a DJ, so I don’t really know what all that really means. I’m sure that all the DJs out there probably think all those aforementioned features are “dope”, but that just shows what I know about DJ-ing.

The Pacemaker ships with a choice of a Mac or PC audio editor, and includes a USB port for computer interface. One of the most prominent features is Pacemaker’s online mix community that could be an audio MySpace/Facebook.

So if you want to be a DJ, and you’re looking for a place to start, you might want to purchase the Pacemaker for about €520.00.


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  1. The hardware is definitely impressive though I have to say their firmware is still very very rough around the edges. I’ve had mine for a couple of months and it spends a lot of time sitting idle waiting for firmware updates.

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