Kensington Ci70 keyboard has USB 2.0 ports

kensington-kb-usb.jpgJust like hard drive space, you can’t have too many USB ports as well. Kensington agrees with this adage with their new Ci70 keyboard that features a couple of USB 2.0 ports, expanding your computer’s connectivity even more. I guess some monitors and now even keyboards come with USB 2.0 ports – what will you wager on the next peripheral to include additional ports? Printers, scanners, or even mice? I think the former two are feasible but definitely not a mouse, since you’ll be moving it all over the place most of the time anyway. A trackball would fare much better in this aspect. The Kensington Ci70 keyboard boasts a 35% smaller footprint and low-profile design, featuring five hot keys for quick access to mail, media, and search, while media keys offer volume control, track control, play and pause. It will retail for $49.99 and is now available for pre-order from Amazon.

Product Page via Popgadget