Music Mug Portable

by Mark R

Music Mug Portable

Man, nothing gets me up in the morning like my iPod and hot cup of joe. Hey, I’ll bet it would work twice as good if I combine the two…there! Oh man, I really need to get sober, fast.

Yes, that does sound stupid, but the photo to the left is not the product of a hangover, but an actual product. This is a designer’s bright idea of an iPod speaker “disguised” as a coffee mug.

The Music Mug works on any MP3 player, provided it has a headphone jack. All you need to do is plug the Music Mug’s cable into the MP3 Player, and let the music play. Just don’t try and pour coffee or some other hot beverage into your Music Mug. The Product Page clearly warns about that.

Is this Music Mug really meant to be some sort of subterfuge for your iPod? If so, then I recommend a smaller MP3 Player that won’t stick out the top, such as the Creative Zen Stone. That way, if your office allows coffee, but not MP3 players, you will finally be able to “beat the system”. Of course, your boss and other co-workers might wonder where the music is coming from. They’ll never suspect the innocent coffee mug!

You can buy the Music Mug on the Generate site for about $69. It is available in white or black.


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