Safari users to be blocked from using PayPal

PayPal Phishing

In the last year or two, I’ve started doing a lot of my monetary transactions via a little site called PayPal. I’m sure that if you’ve used eBay at all, you have yourself a PayPal account. Unfortunately for Mac users, if you use Safari as your primary browser, you’re going to have some issues accessing the site.

If you didn’t know, Safari doesn’t include any anti-phishing technologies, unlike FireFox and IE. PayPal frowns very much upon this, and has decided that they will soon begin blocking access to their site from any browser they deem “unsecure,” which would include even the latest versions of Apple’s browser.

Sure, this sounds like a raw deal for Mac users, but really it’s for your own safety. Wouldn’t you much rather install FireFox than have to put up with someone stealing your PayPal info? Besides, FireFox is an awesome browser.

Source: CrunchGear

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