Wall-tainer Pet Food Bin


walltainer.jpgYou know those large dog food bags that you can buy in bulk? Well, that’s all good but unfortunately, there isn’t much room at home for some of us living in cramped apartments to keep them. This is where the Wall-tainer Pet Food Bin comes in handy.

Optimize your storage space with the Wall-tainer Pet Food Bin! Just mount it on the wall and spin the lids to lock freshness and flavor in and pests out. The airtight seal keeps your pet’s kibble crunchy and tasty, while its space-saving design takes up less room than a bulky, awkward bag.

The Wall-tainer Pet Food Bin retails for $49.95 and can hold up to 40 pounds of kibble, keeping it in a hygienic place that ensures your pet gets the best, freshest food always.

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