Sony unveils 0.3mm thick OLED display


Sony OLED Display

While I’ve managed to finally rid my entire house of CRT monitors (with as many monitors as I have, it seemed like quite an accomplishment when I did) I still haven’t upgraded to a flat-screen TV. I’m hoping to pick up a nice LCD TV in the next few months, however, even it would look gargantuan when compared to this latest OLED display from Sony.

This screen is by far the thinnest ever created, measuring in at just 0.3mm thick. It’s really hard to comprehend a number that small, so here’s an exercise for you. Go to your printer and grab three sheets of paper. Now stack them on top of each other and hold them up, that’s roughly the same thickness as this display. Crazy, no?

What’s really amazing is that Sony was being praised last year for unveiling the thinnest display, which measured in at 3mm thick. That’s a lot of fat trimming in just a year’s time. Unfortunately we can’t expect to see these on the market for at least another 2-3 years.

Source: Boy Genius

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