Circuit Board Mouse Pad

circuit-board-mouse-padFor the total computer geek, this mouse mat is perfect for you. Each mouse mat is made from a genuine recycled circuit board and has been built this way to combat the problem that 85% of printed circuit boards end up in a landfill when finished with. By buying this mouse mat, each person is doing their little bit towards a greener planet.

On the other hand, it’s quite cool anyway so even if you don’t think green, it’s well worth investing the £8 ($16) to buy one. I just hope that all the sharp solder has been smoothed over.

The only snag with the circuit board mouse pad is that optical mice do not work as well because the surface is slightly reflective which causes the optics to spaz out a little. If you still want one then you will need to dig out your old roller ball type mouse. Also note designs will be different as circuit boards all tend to differ in colour, size and layout.

Product Page Source – GeekAlerts

Guest post by Matthew of Gadget Venue.