MobiBLU Cube 3

by Mark R

MobiBLU Cube 3

It has been a few years since we reported on the MobiBLU Cube, which was, at its time, the “smallest full feature digital audio in the entire world”, not to mention the cutest.

MobiBLU has now introduced the third version of this dinky MP3 player, and they have chosen not to change a good thing with its trademark cubical shape. It looks like they haven’t perfected that fold-up Nanum that we reported on a few months ago.

I am pretty impressed that something as small as the MobiBLU Cube 3 can have so many features. Believe it or not, this tiny guy has 2GB worth of memory (1,000 songs), and it can support MP3 and WMA formats. MobiBLU also managed to stuff an FM tuner in, as well as a voice/radio recorder. The screen, small as it is, can be used as a picture and video viewer. However, you might need a magnifying glass to view this postage stamp-sized screen.

Of course, MobiBLU doesn’t mention one obvious use: dice. I think it would be fun to get two of these MobiBLU Cubes together and play a new kind of craps. If the roll lands with the screens facing up, it’s Snake Eyes, baby.

Or you could just use it to listen to music. The MobiBLU Cube3 will become available at the beginning of May for about $100.


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war Says: August 27, 2011 at 11:04 am

i have lost the cable and cannot charge the cube or listen to it. any ideas where to get a replacement?

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