Gigaworks T40 by Creative

by Mark R

Gigaworks T40 by Creative

Sometimes fancy company slogans are actually telling the truth. Such is the case for the GigaWorks T40, PC Speakers that Creative can justly boast: “Ultimate components, ultimate engineering, ultimate performance”.

I got a chance to try these out the other day, and they played almost as good as my normal Logitech Z Cinema speaker system. However, the Z Cinema has the unfair advantage with their giant subwoofer. The GigaWorks T40 may not have that, but it makes up for it with the two premium woofers woven with glass fibres. As for the tweeters, they are arranged in an MTM (midrange-tweeter-midrange) configuration, with a cloth dome for crystal clarity.

So the T40 does have the “ultimate components” as Creative claims. The “ultimate engineering” must have been the development of BasXPort technology that enhances lower mid range tones by channeling sound waves from the inner chambers of the speakers.

All of these factors do indeed combine together for the ultimate performance. I suppose that Truth in Advertising does exist after all. It should be known that Creative has also said that “the high-end, two-piece speakers are engineered for the best music listening on the PC”. This claim should be believed. By the way, these speakers can also be used for MP3s and flat-panel TVs.

Whatever you use them for, try the GigaWorks T40 for yourself. It is available now from the Creative website for about £99.99.


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