VideoClix and Revision3 Team Up to Change Internet TV as we know it

by Mark R

VideoClix and Revision3

I have seen the future of television, and it is VideoClix. If you haven’t tried the wonder that is Clickable Video yet, just go over to the VideoClix site and watch the first few minutes of an episode of HBO’s Entourage.

VideoClix technology allows the user to watch a video and click on certain images for more information. For example, I clicked on one of the actors, and an information window gave me a description of his character. I clicked on the bowling shirt the actor was wearing, and I found out where I could buy it from. I clicked on the car the actor was in, and I saw the make and model. I clicked on the scenery the car was parked in front of, and I got information about the Grand Canyon!

In short, VideoClix makes the experience of watching television completely interactive. Considering that I do most of my television watching on the Internet anyway, I don’t see any reason why I can’t just rollover my cursor and find out more information about the actors, places, and objects on the screen. Sure, it’s an ingenious way of selling products, but at least it is fun for the user.

I have recently learned that VideoClix has teamed up with Revision3, a leader in exclusive Internet television, in order to “expand usability and interactivity for its viewers”. Revision3 plans to debut interactive episodes of their programs, including “Internet Superstar”, “Tekzilla”, and “The Totally Rad Show”.

I think we all know where this is leading: a time when all of our favorite network shows are in VideoClix format. That way, if we want to know more information about anything on the screen, it’s just a rollover away.


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