TV playback comes to the Eee PC

Eee PC Tuner

The Eee PC is a great little notebook, but with something this small and inexpensive, it’s bound to have its drawbacks. One in particular that had not been addressed until now was the fact that there were no TV tuner cards compatible with it. Thankfully Asus has been hard at work on a solution.

Asus has updated the Linux drivers for the My Cinema U3100 Mini DVB-T and DMB-TH products, which, as you would no doubt imagine, are USB tuners.

Preliminary tests have shown that playback worked fine on all but H.264 software decoding. So don’t expect HDTV playback on your Eee PC just yet. Also, the recording function isn’t operational either. That’s not really a big deal, since there’s really not much room to store video anyway.

Source: EverythingUSB

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  1. Is this the beginning of linux supported hardware?
    I hope in future I can buy also several other devices that say “Linux compatible”, so I can be sure it will work in my PC.

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