Teac introduces 1:11 card duplicators


teac.jpgTeac has just rolled out its 1:11 USB Flash Drive Duplicators and 1:11 SD Card Duplicators under the Teac Flash Duplication systems umbrella. These devices will be able to copy, compare and even erase up to 11 USB flash drives or SD memory cards simultaneously, which saves you a whole lot of trouble should you be in a hurry to make duplicates for everyone in the department. The functions themselves are selectable from the duplicator controller that is accompanied by an LCD display, making it a snap to control.

According to Les Luzar, TEAC’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, “More and more USB flash drives are used to distribute content or product infomation at presentations, to customers, internally within the organization or for photos, data, files and music. Now, with TEAC’s new line of USB flash drive duplicators, copying and distributing the data is as easy as 1-2-3.”

Guess what was the old way of doing this? Previously, the only solution for flash duplication has been to purchase expensive and more complicated industrial duplication systems. These systems are painfully slow compared to what Teac is offering, as the company has successfully streamlined the process by launching both duplication systems. The main aim of Teac in doing so is to make the entire flash duplication process fast, inexpensive and easy. Since the price of flash-based memory has fallen dramatically over the years in direct opposition to the growing capacity of such media, its popularity has soared sky high, making this one of the better investments to make. No idea on how much it costs though, but it shouldn’t be too cheap since this is an industrial solution. Perfect for companies who are in the business of selling USB flash drives as well as SD memory cards containing pre-loaded information within such as maps and songs.

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