Stardock Object Desktop 2008

by Mark R

Stardock Object Desktop 2008

Stardock Corporation, the world’s leading provider of desktop enhancement software, has launched two new versions of their award-winning product: Object Desktop 2008 and Object Destktop 2008 Ultimate.

The Object Desktop program is designed to work in conjunction with Windows for full customization by and for the user. Like the previous versions of Object Desktop, the 2008 version allows users to take complete control of their Windows environment and experience.

Object Desktop 2008 features some unique programs including:

WindowBlinds: Allows Windows users to change the look and feel of the Windows interface by applying a new “skin”.

IconPackager: Allows users to change all their Windows icons by applying them to “packages”.

DesktopX: Enables users to build their own desktops, widgets, and gadgets.

DeskScapes: Allows users to have animated wallpaper (for Vista only).

SoundPackager: Brings customization of the auditory experience through the use of “sound packages”.

The Ultimate version of Object Packager includes even more programs such as:

TweakVista: Configures Windows Vista to meet a user’s needs, increasing the performance and productivity of the computer.

SkinStudio: Allows the user to create new visual “skins” for WindowBlinds.

IconDeveloper: Allows import of images designed with other programs, then turns them to icons.

Object Desktop 2008 can be purchased at the Stardock website for $49.95, and the Ultimate edition is priced at $69.95.


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