Bye Bye Standby


byebye-standby.jpgMost electrical items in our homes are electrical vampires – even when they’re in standby mode, they tend to suck up power which could add up to a rather substantial amount at the end of the month. The Bye Bye Standby Energy Saving Kit offers a simple, cost-effective and convenient way to cut wasteful standby power while controlling electrical devices and reducing monthly electric bills. This action will not only help you save more money each month, it helps preserve our carbon footprint without causing even more harm to the environment.

The Energy Saving Kit is fast and easy to install with no rewiring and provides immediate savings. With Bye-Bye Standby you can power down connected electrical devices in your home, office, or school using a wireless remote control and smart socket adapters. Just one touch of the button on the remote control will cut wasteful standby power.

Assuming 6% to 26% savings, the annual estimated average savings by eliminating standby power leakage could range anywhere from $63.04 to $273.18. Guess it makes perfect sense to get this device that pays for itself in under two months when subject to regular use.

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