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zoomswitch.jpgIf you happen to be a heavy phone headset user, then perhaps the ZoomSwitch ZMS10 could be just the headset accessory for you, enabling the user to access both phone and computer communications via a single headset. This is one interesting add-on to any office, considering the soaring popularity and increased use of both computer-based communications and audio applications such as unified messaging, online music, VoIP softphones, voice recognition software and internet telephony services such as Skype. Why not merge the functionalities of both in a single headset? After all, it will surely save you a whole lot of time switching between headsets without the ZoomSwitch. In addition, companies will also be able to save cost in the long run since they don’t need to have so many headsets lying around.

Here’s an excerpt from the press release.

The ZoomSwitch is a plug-and-play device that connects to a computer and phone using the supplied USB cable and RJ9 handset cord. Installation takes only moments, and the ZoomSwitch is operational immediately. The ZoomSwitch is designed to work with the majority of wired or wireless office headsets and amplifiers currently on the market, including models by Plantronics and other brands that connect to the phone using the handset port (RJ9). With the addition of a ZoomSwitch, many professionals will, for the first time, be able to connect their wireless office headset to their PC — increasing the functionality of their investment.

With cost-cutting being the operative keyword these days, it makes perfect sense to invest a little bit in products that promote quieter cubicle environments, and the ZoomSwitch is a pretty suitable candidate. Features of the ZoomSwitch include a sleek design, a large button for easy toggling between phone and USB mode, and a bright LED that indicates which mode the switch is in. The ZoomSwitch ZMS10 will retail for $64.95 a pop.

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