Pen Fishing Rod

pen-fishing.jpgEver took a stroll along the banks of a river, only to catch a glimpse of a pretty large fish making its way through the murky depths? Why, the fishing bug within you is stirred and you mutter your frustrations under your breath that you did not bring all your fishing equipment with you. The Pen Fishing Rod aims to alleviate this guilt, allowing you to have a go at impromptu fishing.

Ok, this clever little gadget is about the size of a large marker pen at only eight inches long, and yet opens up to become an aluminium alloy 4ft fishing rod, complete with a left and right handed reel (packed separately), a 5lb breaking strain line, and even includes a triple hook spinner. Never again will you be caught short when you spot a fish rise, and it’s small enough to carry with you everywhere!

Now’s the time to walk the talk as you no longer have the excuse “I don’t have a fishing rod with me at that time” with the £24.99 Pen Fishing Rod.