NTT plays with your olfactory sense now

ntt-docomo-smell-phone.jpgMention NTT Communications and what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Why, cell phones, of course. Strangely enough, NTT Communications has decided to make a slight change in its course with a new Mobile Fragrance Communication service that allows audio visual content to be paired with specific smells emitted from a special device which is paired to a cell phone. Dubbed “fragrance communication”, it aims to enhance indoor environments by using pleasant odors. The idea is not new having being announced all the way back in 2005, but this new mobile version boasts the convenience of using mobile communication to download Fragrance Playlists as well as files containing recipes and other specific fragrances along with visual (GIF animation) and audio (MIDI) content.

A 10-day pilot will begin this Thursday, involving 20 test subjects (from both sexes) who will receive a kit that comprises of a cell phone and a fragrance device. Five testers will also be bestowed with Service Gateway modules that are able to control operation of devices in the Mobile Fragrance Communication system. The Web-connected gateway will then receive commands from a cell phone to activate fragrance right before the user gets home, allowing you to return to a nice smelling home that strips away the day’s stress while preparing you for a good night’s rest.

Users have the ability to download fragrance playlists from the NTT DoCoMo’s “i-mode” mobile Web site. This fragrance data will be transferred via the phone’s infrared port to a device loaded with base fragrances, where the latter will mix and emit the desired fragrance while the user enjoys audio or video on their handset. The downloaded playlists can also be edited and shared with other subscribers, so hopefully there won’t be April Fool’s pranks like a farting playlist or anything of that sort.

Source: Information Week