Aurvana Live! Headphones from Creative

by Mark R

Aurvana Live Headphones

Even though most people are addicted to iPod earpieces, there are some that want some bigger and better headphones. Like those ear cushioned headphones that we had to use back in the seventies.

The Aurvana Live! (exclamation point required) is one of the latest headphones from Creative. They have optimally contoured earcups in order to minimize internal sound distortion for accurate playback. These headphones can seal off all external noise and has a composite bio-cellulose diaphragm for “crystal clear and detail highs, coupled with deep, rich bass”.

I got a chance to try them out, and man, they played very, very well. I put in Transformers, and I was totally shut out from the rest of the world. I wouldn’t be wearing the Aurvana Live! listening to my iPod while crossing the street in New York City, but this is the perfect way to block out the rest of the world with your entertainment experience.

Not only does the Aurvana Live! sound good, but they look good as well. The design has a high gloss finish, and a gold-plated plug. All of these elements combine to form some quality headphones. You should be able purchase them off of the Creative website for £89.99.


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