Extend your apartment

mini-house-addon.jpgSo you think that your cramped apartment just isn’t large enough to accommodate that extra home theater system you just purchased? German team Rucksack House has managed to figure out a method to expand your puny apartment size without the hassle (and cost) of moving. It is a walk-in cube that functions as an extra room, using steel cables anchored to the roof to keep it attached to the rest of the building. I wonder whether cities with extremely cramped apartments will have enough room between each other to warrant such an extension, and should everyone take up this home expansion offer, the streets will be in perpetual darkness since no light will be able to reach the bottom.

Source: American Inventor Spot

3 thoughts on “Extend your apartment”

  1. I’ve seen this but, did not know it had reached market. The big question is can one convince their landlord or Co-Op to allow one to do this?

  2. Talk about an accident to happen. Does anyone have steel cutters? LOL! Yeah am going to extend my room and use cables to hold it up LOL! Not in my craziest dreams would I even consider this unless I wanted to pull a prank on someone and make them believe am dumb enough to buy this to expand my apartment when am sure the cost of such a stupid walk-in cube will cost you a nose bleed- you might as well use the money to move out and get that extra room and I bet it will cost less then getting this walk-in cube room hanging out your window and having only two cables holding in the air- oh yeah, this will be a big hit… Not!

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