Bulbdial Clock

by Mark R

Bulbdial Clock

I don’t know if you ever notice our “categories” for Coolest Gadgets, but many of them are pretty descriptive. One of them is “Cool Clocks”, and when I saw the Bulbdial clock, I knew I just had to write about it under that category.

As you can see, the Bulbidal is an electric clock that thinks it is a sundial. Instead of using the natural energy of the sun, it uses miniature streetlights that spin around the post. There is an hour hand, a minute hand, and a fast moving second hand. All these combine to give you a time that is a lot more accurate than your everyday sundial.

This design was created by a DIY creator/blogger David on Ironic Sans. He says that it can be used horizontally, like on a table, or vertically on a wall. The biggest irony is that the Bulbdial clock won’t work in the sun, because the sunlight will outshine the electric lights.

I don’t know about you, but I can think of some other uses for this device, other than a clock. For example, a player for old school LPs. I mean, look at it, it has a post right in the center. Make it spin and give it an arm with a needle, and you’ll be playing all your pre-80’s hits.

I can also think of another unconventional use: a cat toy. Any cat owner who dares to place this on a table will find that their tabby will be mesmerized and will undoubtedly be pawing the little lights like a catnip mouse.

No word if this one is becoming a reality, but I personally think it is quite aesthetically pleasing.


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