Digital Foci Pocket Album

by Mark R

Digital Foci Pocket Album

Considering that Mother’s Day is about a month away, it might be a good idea to at least think about what to give that woman who bore you for nine months. You could give her the latest gadget, but if you’re mother is anything like mine, she is not too familiar with the latest in technology.

Yet I can’t think of a better gift to give your mother than the Digital Foci Pocket Album. What better gift for any mother but pictures of her children, or perhaps grandchildren?

The Digital Foci Pocket Album allows you to download up to 74 photos on 8MB of internal memory. It works by using a user-friendly Photo Viewer Software that can convert JPEG to BMP images from the computer to the Pocket Album.

In other words, you can go ahead and set up the Pocket Album with all the pictures that mom would want on her keychain, or you can let her do it. If it were me, I would put the pictures on Pocket Album, and then show her how to change them if she wanted to. You should also show her how to charge it, considering it only has 9 hours of battery life.

The Pocket Album Portable Photo Viewer is available for about $29.95 on the Digital Foci website. You should probably get it now before everyone else has the same idea that I do.


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