Latest Tech News – 2 April

by Tiago


Amazon unveils shopping via SMS

The big e-commerce company of the US, also known as Amazon, has recently presented a new service that offers a new way to shop around the huge store. The service is related to text-messages, and its codename is TextBuyIt.

As you can imagine by now, we’re talking about cellphones and sending SMS to the Amazon service. The procedure to get it working is pretty simple: just send a text message to 262966, with the description of the product you’re interested in buying. Afterwards, you receive a text message with two results related to your search, which you can instantly buy, or if you’re looking for something else, ask for more search results.

Everything is automatic in this new Amazon service, even the registration that includes providing an email and zip code, listening to an automated voice system, and receiving the confirmation via e-mail and SMS.

Radiohead lets fans remix a song

In case you don’t remember, Radiohead already made some innovative actions on the internet, one of them was releasing the latest album “In Rainbows” on their website, and allowing users to download it for a price that seems fair. This means the album could be downloaded for free, and I bet many people did just that, but on the other hand, the true fans must have spent some money on the album, which is very good by the way…

Anyhow, right now Radiohead wants fans to remix the single named “Nude”. To achieve that task, users only need to buy 5 tracks of the song at iTunes Plus, more specifically the bass, voice, guitar, drums, and effects. The next step is to receive the access code, use GarageBand or Logic software to remix the single, and finally upload it to

Voting of each remix occurs until the 1st of May.

Source: Reuters

Guest post by Tiago of Gadgetizer

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