Massaging Backpack

by Mark R

Massaging Backpack

Anyone who is married knows the importance of giving a massage to their loved one. For those who aren’t married, and don’t have that special someone to give a massage to, this Massaging backpack device might be the thing you need.

The Massaging backpack allows some nice vibration where you need it so you can definitely feel more relaxed. Unlike most massages where you are required to lie down, you can take this one with you. As you can see, there is some serious waves being made with this device, and all of them come together for some serious relieving of pressure.

It appears to apply some good stimulus to the shoulders, as well as your shoulder blades. It comes with a remote control, but it is unfortunately attached to the apparatus itself. Too bad it isn’t wireless, and I would have gone so far as to make it operable by cellular phone via Bluetooth.

Unfortunately, I really have to admit that I don’t have much on this product, not even a release date. In fact, I’m not really sure whether the Massaging backpack can even hold anything. In fact, I have a price, but it is not in my usual US dollars, it is about €39.90.


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faiqazhari Says: March 13, 2013 at 11:50 pm

how i can buy this massage bagpack..?? do you have dealer in MALAYSIA..??

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