Folding LCD Monitor to add a lot of real estate

Folding seamless monitor

More and more geeks are going to a dual monitor setup to not only provide for me monitor space (real estate), but also because it allows for placing tools and utilities on one screen, while the second screen can be used as an actual interface for editing, drawing and other creative endeavors. Sadly, though, because these monitors are separate entitles, one has to deal with the encasement on both interfering with the unbroken image that can move across both screens. That is, until now. If it gets picked up by a manufacturer, this Double-Sided Transforming LCD Display will enable for an unbroken wide screen image, that can also double as a second separate screen. Wow.

At this time, the monitor is only conceptual and as such, a few hurdles remain in the way, chiefly, whether a bezel-less retractable monitor can be manufactured for an affordable price or if it will be the domain of business applications like the tri-screen Zenview Command Center Elite, which uses a a “special lens” that erases the bezel between images. And then there‚Äôs the programming involved which would allow for a second channel to be displayed when the monitor is in the back to back position and then switch to the master view when placed in the dual, wide screen mode.

Still, this is where cool gadgets begin, with an idea. If it it can be pulled off, it could be a breakthrough for those who want an affordable, dual screen option.

Only time will tell.

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  1. never mind the dual monitors…I want to see a folding monitor that fits in my pocket so that I can finally use a single device that does it all..including being my eReader..

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