Diary Shower Curtain

Diary Shower Curtain

It is always fun to report on gadgets that aren’t really gadgets per se, such as this Diary Shower Curtain. There are no electronic parts here, but I would have to say that this item is downright useful.

I suppose that this product really speaks for itself. As you can see, someone has gone and invented a shower curtain that you can write on. I guess you can write on any shower curtain if you have a waterproof pen, but this one is specifically sectioned off with the 12 months of the year for that purpose.

The curtain also has the days, so you can mark off anyone with the obligatory waterproof pen. This is perfect for that contemplative time that you spend in the shower. After all, I generally remember at least three things that I have to do while I’m soaping myself. It would be good to write them down before I forget them.

The only problem is then I might forget to write them down later in my organizer. I suppose that I’d have to get my organizer and enter the appointments off the curtain once my shower was over. Of course, I’m assuming that I will be looking at my writing from the outside of the shower, which will be backwards since I wrote my notes standing on the inside. (I know that’s a little confusing, but think about it, really.)

So, maybe someone can make an electronically digital version of this, and make it so I can transfer the files into my notebook. Now that would come in handy. Until then, this will have to do.

You can get this item now at firebox.com (UK version) for about £12.95.