USB Rotatable 4-Port Hub



USB hubs are always welcome in my home, especially with the vast amount of USB gadgets in the market these days. Some USB hubs come with a poorly-designed exterior, where the ports are placed too close together that you can’t make use of all of them whenever you’re faced with USB products that have rather fat connectors. The USB Rotatable 4-Port Hub offers the convenience of utilizing all four USB ports available, since it can be rotated accordingly. No harm in dropping $12 for a gadget like this IMHO, as it will definitely come in handy on your travels.

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Picasso Says: March 30, 2008 at 8:02 am

Talk about poorly designed, this takes the cake itself, and as for rather fat connectors, what the hell is this called then, looks like children blocks- this is suppose be better then the other so called fat connectors? I give this gadget a G- which is below an F- because the only thing it’s good for is to talk about it here on Gadgets period- wouldn’t buy it if they were the last in store… Last in ANY store on the planet. Least the other conventional USB hubs have multiple connectors side by side to fit more at once, this one is ridiculously taking up to much volumne for one connector on one side- stupid stupid stupid and just plain stupid.

ronaldo.yin Says: April 6, 2008 at 7:25 pm

it is cute
but $12 Oh ,no

i konw a usb cup-warmer,just $3.99,but with 4-port usb hub,i got it at yesterday

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