Mimoco takes fashion up by another step


Fashion and technology often share a rather uneasy relationship with one another, but time and effort has proven that both parties are willing to move to an agreement. Mimoco, the Boston-based manufacturer of its Mimobot designer USB flash drives has just announced its new tokidoki Mimobot collection that is in line with the company’s goal of ‘bringing style and soul to personal tech devices’. This series holds the distinction of being the first fashion-oriented release from Mimoco, and could be the turning point where USB flash drives are transformed into everyday fashion accessories for the masses. I know that bling USB flash drives have been around for quite a while now, but most of the time they are out of reach from the masses due to expensive diamonds and other gems adorning the surface – not so with the tokidoki Mimobot.

According to Dan Ruby, Mimoco’s marketing and communications manager, “We’ve always felt that flash drives have the potential to allow individuals an entirely new way to display their personality, fashion sense, and creativity. After all, most people keep their very personal, very creative digital lives on USB flash drives, so why shouldn’t their design reflect the creativity inside the memory stick and of the individual?”

The tokidoki brand might be unheard of to some, but it has grown steadily over the past few years from its humble beginnings that stem from artist Simone Legno’s personal portfolio, having experienced a transformation into a trendsetting global brand that encompasses products ranging from toys to jewelry to hard-to-find women’s purses and bags.

These new tokidoki Mimobots will come preloaded with a range of selected tokidoki digital art, animations, and soundBytes. They will be available in 1GB, 2GB and 4GB capacities, with (obviously) differing prices for each. You need not fret if you’re rocking to a Mac or Windows-based computer since the Mimobot range functions just fine on either. Pre-orders are already open, and shipping will begin this April 18th.

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